Our clients ideally possess most if not all these characteristics:

  • They are active adults and enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, tennis, golf and sailing.
  • They would rather spend more time on the things that are truly important to them.
  • They are typically in the later stages of their careers and approaching retirement.
  • They have important financial goals and are serious about personal financial success.
  • They want to simplify their life by delegating their financial matters to competent, trustworthy professionals.
  • They like the idea of having the simplest structure necessary to accomplish the result.
  • They are genuinely nice people with a sense of humor.
  • They have substantial investable assets.
  • They are happy to pay annual recurring fees through assets under management and fees for services rendered.

What’s important about money…to you?

Our clients happily refer us to their family and friends because they understand how this benefits them and the entire client community.